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What an extraordinary evening watching “Return to Auschwitz” was. It was emotionally captivating.
Watching the love & friendship between Vladimir & Julie was in itself very moving
With our Country so divided right now, this was powerful! Let us never forget and never go there again.

Dawn C.

God Bless this Beautiful Man! Vladimir’s story is forever etched in my brain. Thank you for this amazing film. I am going to try and see it again in Lake Placid.

Mary Ellen C.
Colchester, VT

A big mazal tov for the success!
We were really happy to see Vlada after a long time. We are familiar with his story, however, the movie showed us new aspects and details.
We appreciated very much the form you chose. All the horrors were explained and mentioned in a decent way and left the audience space to make the conclusions by themselves.
The story is amazing and we wanted to really thank you for making such an emotional movie that was really important for us to watch.

Gabriela B.
Tel Aviv, Israel

"I am in tears (for many reasons, in a good way too).  So beautifully done, and I just kept smiling at Vladmir’s twinkling eyes (that I remember well) and his inspiring strength and resilience.  An amazing job, thank you so much for your efforts.  
If only I had some slivovitz here...

Margarete H.
Edinburgh, Scotland

The documentary is a stunning achievement, one for which all of you should be proud. 
I certainly hope that it gets widely distributed, both via public television, and perhaps in other ways.

Rich F.
Plattsburgh, NY

It was so nicely done. The tone, sound, lighting and flow were seamlessly put in place so that there were no distractions for the viewer. It was interesting of course, and riveting, and despite the fact that many viewers would be familiar with the horrors of this period of history, the perspective from one person‘s experiences really set this story apart.
The writing, the sequencing of scenes, the thoughtful word selection that emerged as the viewers were moved in and out of [Julie's] thoughts, to facts, to Vladimir‘s commentary, was flawlessly done.   
And, of course, Vladimir‘s personality was evident in many places throughout the film. It’s likely not so much that it “came through,“ but that it is impossible to suppress. The occasional glimpses of his wit and humor did not detract from the scenes at all but added to them.
The heaviness of heart, and the lessons of history, converged in a very poignant way for the viewer. This was just so well done in every way.

David R.
Greenville, SC